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    Which LE agency is the best?

    (Its an old one but still funny as hell)

    The President got together with his top advisors and wanted to figure out which LE agency in the country was the best. After much deliberation it was narrowed down to the CIA, FBI, and LAPD. The final test was each agency had to use its own skills and resources to track down a tagged rabbit in the forest. Three identically sized forests were found, the rabbits were released, and the test was on.

    The CIA went to their forest and sent in all their informants. They wiretapped trees and redirected spy sattelites. They interviewed every plant, animal, and mineral they could find. After 6 months of extensive, intensive investigation they could not locate the rabbit. Their final report read: Rabbits do not exist.

    The FBI went to their forest and surrounded it. They gave orders over loudspeakers that the rabbit needed to give up. After 6 weeks they burned the forest down, killing everything inside including the rabbit. Their final report read: The rabbit fired the first shot.

    The LAPD sends 6 officers into their forest. They come out 20 minutes later dragging a badly beaten bear who is yelling "OK! OK! I'm a rabbit!" Their final report said: He resisted arrest.
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    Not that's funny!



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