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Thread: A nun....

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    A nun....

    A nun was stnding on a street corner with a soldier ran up to her and said

    "Pardon me Sister and please don't be alarmed but I need to hide under your robes for a moment" and he quickly knelt down behind her and pulled her robes over himself.

    Not sure what to do at first the Nun just stod there and as she was about to walk away two MP's come running around the corner.

    "excuse me Sister" one of the MP's say; "But did you just see a soldier comeing running this way" Shes says yes he went down that alley. And the two MP's took off down the alley.

    The nun waited a second and then said to the Soldier cowering between her legs. "It's safe their gone you can come out"

    The Soldier climbed out from under her robs adn said. "thank you Sister; you just saved my life they are trying to send me to war"

    The Nun says thats ok my son I don't blame you.

    The Soldier started to walk away and then turned back and said "Sister please dont think to forward of me but you have the nicest set of legs I've ever seen"

    The Nun starts to laugh uncontrolably and then said. Thats ok but if you had looked a little higher you would have saw a beautiful set of testicles too! You see I didnt want to go to war either!"
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