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    One liners at work

    I heard a great one liner the other night. Deputy asks a guy for ID so the guy pulls out his wallet. Only when he did, he drops a blue condom on the ground.

    Deputy --without missing a beat and totally straight faced says:

    "So, what you gonna do with that? Twist up some blue animals?"

    Anyone else heard a good one lately?
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    OK, let me set this up:
    We have been having a couple of problems with some female officers claiming pregancy so they don't have to go downrange at my unit. One day My Sgts and I were getting our shift rosters ready for shift when I was informed by my Sgt of an Officer claiming pregnant. I let my mouth open before thinking the question out thoroghly and asked:
    "So how long is she going to pregnant this time?"

    My Sgt, with out missing a beat, looked me in the eyes and smiled:
    "Well I am guessing 9 months, or until the baby is born."

    Well I just looked back down at my roster and smiled, my other Sgt is over in the corner laughing his a$$ off, looks at me and says:

    "You asked for that one Cap."

    Thats what I love about my Segeants, they are a blast. Makes the shift fun, wouldn't trade them in for nothing.

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    Found a couple of parkers in the backseat of a car one night; this is how the conversation went:

    ME: What're you doing?
    Boy: We're.....looking at stars...
    Me: So....can you see them better from the backseat?
    Boy: hahaha....uh yeah....
    Me: Hey, tell your girlfriend to pull her underwear up from around her ankles, and you both need to get out.

    I also haerd a guy I work with say "It smells like bob marley's ass in here!" when he started searching a car a bunch of MJ using kids were in. I've also used that line a couple times, but we stole it from the ACLU video.
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