A large medical school was having a problem with students who didn't want to choose a specialty in their profession. For those who were undecided, the school started a class where the undecided students would go through their general studies classes and then come to a point where they were offered the various options by the instructor. The instructor stood in front of them as they stood in line and said, "Okay, as each of you pass by, you will take your finger and put it in any of the various orafices on my body. This will decide what type of doctor you prefer to be. If you put your finger in my mouth, you will be a dentist. If you put your finger in my nose, you will be an ear, nose and throat specialtist. If you put your finger in my ear, you will be a hearing specialist. Etc., etc., etc. Does everyone understand?" They all answered yes and proceeded through the line. The last student grabs the instructor violently, turns him around, bends him over and violates his rectum with the student's penis. The instructor, squealing in pain, says "THAT's NOT YOUR FINGER!" The student says, "I KNOW! I CHANGED MY MIND. I WANT TO BE A POLITICIAN!"

Kinda dumb, but thought that would fit with election season. Peace!