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    Football fan saves child

    On a Tuscaloosa,AL city street, a small child is walking by a house with a known vicious dog. While normally the dog is chained and of no danger, Today is the exception.

    The dog sees the kid and thinking it has fresh meat, starts the attack run. Another kid seeing what is about to happen, intercepts the dog and chokes the life out of it saving the other child.

    A reporter that happened to be across the street at the time reporting on another story witnessed the entire episode.
    Thinking this would be a great story for his paper, Rushes over and asks the kid if can he interview him for tomorrow's local interest section. The kids agrees and here's what transpired.

    Reporter: That was unbelievable, Can I write you up for my paper

    Kid: Sure Mister

    Reporter: ( Opens notebook and starts to write while at the same time telling the kid what is being written )

    Courageous Alabama fan risks life to save small child from mortal danger.

    Kid: Mister, I'm not an Alabama fan

    Reporter: Your not??? No problem
    ( Flips page in notebook and writes )

    Local Auburn fan saves another from dog.

    Kid: Mister, I'm not an auburn fan either

    Reporter: Son, you are in the heart of football, Are you trying to tell me your not a football fan?

    Kid: No sir, I like football

    Reporter: Ok, then what team are you a fan of?

    Kid: Well Sir, I like Tennessee

    Reporter: Ah, I see
    ( Flips page in notebook and writes )

    Little country bastard kills beloved family pet
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    HAHA, good one
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    Good ole reporters always slant everything to suit themselves.
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