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    Things Horsewomen Say....

    Around these parts, most all you find at a horse barn is women. Since my wife runs one, I am frequently around doing various jobs. I can't tell you how often I have bite my tongue when they're all talking horse stuff.

    Here's a few comments you will hear:

    More leg- less hand.
    There's nothing like having 17 hands between your legs.
    He needs a good 20 minute warm-up.
    Relax your back, don't pinch with your knees ... go with the motion....rock your pelvis......
    When he gets excited he really foams up.
    If he's not ridden 5 days a week he gets cranky.
    I rode him yesterday, but Suzy's riding him today.
    Go ahead, ride him, you'll like it .
    He can be ridden twice in one day.
    He's being a pig ... get his head up.
    He bends to the left, but he's really stiff to the right.
    He really over-reacts when I sit down into him.
    Smack him if he refuses.
    Has anyone seen my breast collar?
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    Very,very funny. Im sure a lot more is said that can be twisted around. .....................damn i have to get out of this city

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    One of my favorites is "He'll pretend he can't, but just be firm and the next thing you know he's there"
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