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    A good one, kinda dirty

    My Courtship and Marriage Professor told us this one. It's kinda long but funny

    A man and his wife were new in town. The man liked to wake up early and the woman preferred to sleep. One Saturday he decided to go to the golf course to play some golf. Around the 15th hole he approached another group of golfers and told him he was new in town and didnt know anyone and asked if he could finish with him, they were like 'well its the 15th hole but i guess. You know we do come out every Saturday if you would like to join us' He said "Ok, Ill be here Next Saturday at 8 or 8:05" So the next Saturday he was there at 8 o'clock sharp. He was a great golfer the other guys in the group were so amazed they asked him to come back next saturday, he said 'Ok ill be here at 8 or 8:05' So the next saturday he was there at 8AM sharp. This time the group noticed he was still a great golfer but he was golfing left handed instead of right handed like last week. One of the guys said 'hey why are you golfing left handed' he said 'well im abidextrious so I just switch' another guy said "well what makes you decide what hand to use" he said "well if my wife is sleeping on her right side when I wake up i used my right hand to golf, if she is sleeping on her left I use my left hand". One guy says "Ok, but what if she is sleeping on her back" His Reply......................... .....

    "I'll be here at 8:05"
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    lol, a nice dirty story is always a plus at night. I should have read it later in the wee morning hours...that's when the dirty stories are much needed
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    Its funny cause its true.



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