* Do compliment him on his civilian wear. And his interests and hobbies outside of the police force.
* Do ask if he has arrested anyone famous. It’s ok. Most guys usually like to tell these stories and it makes for interesting first date conversation to fill in the awkward pauses.
* Do make sure your car registration is up-to-date if he’s going to see your car.
* Do try to have a working knowledge of police jargon so you can more easily follow his stories. (ie: Code 7; morning watch; circling the drain.)
* Do treat him like a normal person – because he is! Talk about movies, books, current events – you know, normal date talk.
* Do talk a little about the job. But don’t let it dominate the evening’s conversation.
* If you like ask him to show you a good "arrest and control" move. If he likes you, I'm betting he'd be all too happy to comply.

* Don’t look disappointed when you first see him...then comment that he looked “a lot bigger” in uniform.
* Don’t pick out the beefiest guy in the room and ask your date if he thinks he can “take that guy.”
* Don’t ask if he can make outstanding warrants “go away.”
* Don’t be disappointed that he doesn’t wear his uniform on your date.
* Don’t try to use your newly-learned police lingo in conversation. It just doesn’t sound right coming from a civilian.
* Don’t cut in line to a club in front of a bunch of suspicious-looking characters and then announce loudly to the crowd: “Oh ya? Well my date is Cop!”