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Thread: WAP pictures?

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    WAP pictures?

    I love the new WAP site for us mobile and BB users. Onl problem I see is that none of the images in posts show up, so threads like Ender's Why...So...Serious? aren't understandable.

    Any way to enable images on the WAP side? I know my phone would display it, because I used to browse O/Rs full page with no problem, just slower loading times. I was able to view all images.

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    SHHHHH We were not announcing the WAP forum yet geesh. I am glad you like it. Wap forums take out pictures so that the phones can view them better so I don't THINK you can add the pictures but I will ask Super Dave.

    And since you ruined it I guess we can tell everyone that we now have a WAP forum so you can access the site from mobile devices. We are still working on a few minor things but it is in fact working.

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    We'd like to enable images for the skin, however we'd have to do a poll first as it they probably display just fine on most peoples modern phones, our main concern was the bandwidth that is required when you download the image.

    Most plans only allow a certain amount of data transfer, and if some joker would post say a 1MB or larger image, it could quicky deplete your data transfer amount and before you know it you'd either be out of data for the month, or with a really huge cell phone bill and probably be a little irrate from data overages.

    We've got it on our list, but no ETA on the time for a vote due to some other major changes coming up behind the scenes. (that aren't as easily discoverable )

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