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    Can't go to PM's

    I get an error msg every time I try to go look at my PM's again. I can get to them if someone sends me one and I follow the popup's commands. But if I just click on Private Messages, I get the error thing.

    Can one of you guys open up the instruction book that came with the site and fix it?
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    katiemh Guest
    Do you get it when you try to go to PM's from any page? I get the same message when I try to go to them from the home page but if I go to the User CP or new posts or something and then click on the Private Message link it will work.

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    Signal_W Guest
    Yea we are gonna fix the bad link, just found out about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Signal_W
    Yea we are gonna fix the bad link, just found out about it.
    I get it all the time, even when I ws on RP, I usually go into the messages and then go to PMs once I am inside the site..



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