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    Is it me or the site???

    Whenever I log on, the site is never "refreshed". Every single thread I read, I have to hit the refresh button to get the most recent posts.

    Now it could just be me as I am one step above Amish on the technology ladder, so if there's something I need to do, let me know por favor.
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    It's you.

    Maybe your computer is saving cached copies of the site. Try clearing your cache and telling your browser to stop caching copies of pages you view (in Firefox, you go to "tools," then click the pull down menu, then click "clear private data"; then click "options" in the same "Tools" pull-down menu, and clear the "Remember what I downloaded" option and set "Remember what I downloaded for the last ___ days" to 0).

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    I gotta agree with Jenna

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