Officer Resource is constantly working on new features for everyone to better enjoy the site and to hopefully make your OR experience the best It can be. From time to time, this may cause a small problem as files are updated and people may not always be getting the latest version to their browsers for whatever reason.

To remedy the situation, before reporting a problem if you take 5 minutes to follow this quick easy steps to see if the problem persists it can save you some time as well as everyone else.

Internet Explorer Users:

1. Attempt to clear your cookies first. I know its a pain to have to reenter passwords, but if anyone knows of a way to clean only a few IE cookies, feel free to share it.

Tools -> Internet Options -> Browsing History -> Delete Cookies

2. Clear out temporary files and cache. This is should be done from time to time any way for normal computer maintenance. (they are called temporary for a reason)

Tools -> Internet Options -> Browsing History -> Delete Temporary Internet Files

3. When you come back to officer resource, ensure that you are at (or If you have a www, in the address chances are good I've broke something and you'll have some minor issues, do not hesitate to post whatever problem you may have though.

4. When logging in be sure to check the "Remember Me" box, and DO NOT click the link that speeds the forwarding up on the next page. If you are on a public computer, be sure to click "Log Out" when you are done viewing OR.

5. Be sure to have the latest version of Internet Explorer. Updating sucks, yes I know, but in order to bring you the latest and best features to OR, some older versions of browsers simply do not work 100% of the way.

6. Make sure JavaScript is enabled

FireFox Users

1. Delete cookies that Officer Resource sets.

Tools -> Options -> Privacy Tab -> Show Cookies -> Search for (there are probably close to 8-13 cookies that have to be set when you login, if anyone is concerned about what information these cookies contain, feel free to read the TOS/AUP/Privacy Policy.)

2. Ensure you can accept cookies from 3rd party sites as well as cookies for the site.

3. Make sure JavaScript is enabled

4. Be sure you are using the latest version of FireFox. FireFox is free, and safe to download from the offical site: (Never download free products from anything other than an official site.

Further Troubleshooting Questions:

  • Does the problem happen at only my computer, or If i use another computer does the same thing happen.
  • What page are you on when you had the problem? (arcade, viewing a thread, viewing a forum)
  • Are you logged in?
  • Have you logged out, and then logged back in just to double check.
  • Try refreshing the page. The best way to refresh a page is to use CTRL+F5

Reporting a Problem

If you followed the steps above (it may look like a lot, but you cna really do it in under 5 minutes) feel free to report the issue here, usually when its a site issue the entire site should have the problem and not a select few as we don't single people out to make their browsing experience bad.

Submit the following information:

  1. Page you were viewing (can be a link if you want, or simply say you were viewing a forum or thread, if its a problem inside a private area such as PM's and you want the matter handled privately PM a site staff)
  2. Did you get any error message, if so what did it say?
  3. What were you doing when the error occured?
  4. What browser are you using.

That should be all i need to know to replicate the problem, and/or fix it fast. I don't need to know that you were juggling 4 applies, with a panda bear sitting on your face while you had the problem, the shorter and more accurate your issue is, the faster and better it gets fixed

Try to keep all issues to the same problem in one thread, and try not to post different issues in one "universal" problem thread