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Thread: Ask-A-Cop forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Welpe
    O.Com is a cesspool with no moderation at all. I used to enjoy posting there, and I like many people there but the forum is overrun with morons.
    How rude you calling me a moron

    But I have to agree O.com has gone downhill since I first joined. Sometimes its fun to be there but it has ZERO moderation unless someone says something vulgar.

    Besides.... I want a police officer to answer my question. Not someone whom doesn't have any Law Enforcement background behind them. What is the point in my asking a question directed to a cop.
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    Well, seeing that the poll in the thread about non-verifieds posting in AAC is strongly in favor of LEO-only posting, I will refrain from posting anything in AAC. I only posted there once, in this thread:


    I figured it would be all right because the question was not a LEO-specific question and a civilian would be able to mention a good anti-theft device they use.

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    To be clear, I wouldn't consider any of you part of the O.Com morons. I wouldn't any of the officers there, it is all the wannabes and obvious posers that ruin the site.
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