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    Which former President do you think Obama will most resemble in a best-case scenario, and which in a worst-case scenario?

    Which former President do you think Obama will most resemble in a best-case scenario, and which in a worst-case scenario?

    I think Obama will most resemble Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a best-case scenario, and Bill Clinton in a worst-case scenario.

    The media do seem a bit in love with That One. I think he's pretty cool too, but I have to admit the media infatuation is a bit over the top--the current media debate seems to be over whether Obama will be more like Abraham Lincoln or more like Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

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    Jimmy Carter
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    100% agree with Jimmy Carter. WORST.PRESIDENT. EVER!
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    Bill Clinton.

    Best - and worse case.

    If he tries to be FDR, he'll face a Republican congress in two years.
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    I'm willing to allow Obama to weave his own legacy before making comparisons to any other president.

    In fact, I believe that making comparisons prior to him even being inaugurated is buying into the media hype somewhat. Once he takes office, and actually begins the process of executing the powers of that office, only then will we know whether the centrist rhetoric will be upheld by his actions, or the evidence that shows him to be one of the most radically leftist figures ever to be elected as president more closely reflects his core. Of course, much of this depends on how tightly the reigns of DNC leadership, (and Obama, personally) are held by the quiet, more moderate (but certainly influential) majority of the Democratic party.

    I am more than slightly pessimistic, I'll openly admit.

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    His inexperience and views may leave him remembered as a president that had his decisions made for him by everyone around him. Nothing more than a historical figurehead.
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    Best case- FDR. We all know that his New Deal was really boosted by WWII, but since we're talking best case, that would be if Obama could straighten out the economy. Clinton is a close second because despite the shortcomings, he did preside over a good economy.

    Worst case- Carter. Or what would have happened to FDR had the world not gone to war.
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