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    Governor RIchardson calls Obama an 'immigrant' OOPS

    New Mexico governor and Obama Secretary of Commerce-designate Bill Richardson has some 'splainin' to do. French television recorded him saying (in Spanish) that "Obama is an immigrant" (so Hispanics can relate to him).

    Is the Governor being fitted for a tinfoil hat? Does he believe that Obama was actually born in Kenya, as some contend (to general disdain from the media)?

    Or does the Governor somehow believe that nonwhite (or even half-nonwhite) Americans are not real Americans?

    Or is there some other explanation for this faux pas?

    Watch the YouTube clip and decide for yourself what on earth the Governor meant.

    YouTube - Richardson revelation-Obama is an immigrant

    Don't hold your breath waiting for the mainstream media to demand clarification. This one is bound for the Memory Hole.

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    He knows Obama's secret!

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    Perhaps he's just referring to the school records from Indonesia...

    We know that doesn't mean anything, don't we? Well, don't we?

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