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    Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich hires the same PR firm that represents Drew Peterson

    Gov. Blagojevich and Drew Peterson now have something in common: the same PR firm.
    The Publicity Agency, a Tampa firm that counts the former Bolingbrook police sergeant among its high-profile clients, announced Saturday it will be representing the governor “in his dealings with the news media that are outside the scope of his being governor.”
    The announcement came on the same day that the Illinois Senate disclosed that U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has agreed to permit testimony in Blagojevich’s impeachment trial — set to begin Monday — by an FBI agent whose sworn affidavit led to the governor’s arrest last month.
    Blagojevich has no plans to show up for the trial. Instead, he’s set to do a series of national television interviews, including ABC’s “Good Morning America” and “The View,” and CNN’s “Larry King Live.”
    The barrage of media appearances is among the reasons that the governor’s powerhouse attorney, Ed Genson, quit Blagojevich’s criminal case Friday. Genson felt Blagojevich should not have launched a media blitz.
    On another front, House prosecutor David Ellis indicated that FBI Special Agent Daniel Cain will be allowed to testify on a limited basis during Blagojevich’s trial in a filing made public Saturday.
    The 76-page complaint Cain authored alleged that, among other things, Blagojevich was offering to sell President Obama’s vacant U.S. Senate seat to the highest bidder.
    In a letter to Ellis Thursday, Fitzgerald said that Cain would be permitted to testify to the Senate about his credentials, the accuracy of his affidavit, the accuracy of summaries of secretly recorded conversations of Blagojevich and others, and the techniques used to verify the summaries and transcripts of those secret recordings.
    “Because of the ongoing criminal investigation, pending criminal charges and relevant legal restrictions, I do not authorize Special Agent Cain to testify more broadly about the conduct of the investigation or the facts set forth in the complaint affidavit,” Fitzgerald wrote.
    The final decision on whether Cain will testify rests with Chief Justice Thomas Fitzgerald, who will preside over Blagojevich’s trial, and the Senate.
    In another move, Ellis sought to enter into the impeachment record a transcript of Blagojevich’s interview Friday on WLS-AM 890. The statements the governor made, Ellis wrote, demonstrate Blagojevich’s “admission that the comments attributed to him in the Cain affidavit were, in fact, made by him.”

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