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    Pinellas County: Controversial Obama sign must go

    Pinellas County: Controversial Obama sign must go

    PINELLAS PARK -- County code officials say a business owner must take down a sign that prompted protests because it called for "one nation under Obama."

    Code officials mailed two citations to Randy Heine, owner of Rockin' Cards and Gifts, 7451 Park Blvd., in unincorporated Pinellas on the edge of Pinellas Park.
    The first said Heine was violating a county ordinance that permits only one freestanding sign on business property. Heine already has his main sign, which bears his business name and special deals on naughty novelties, gay cards, lingerie, whipped cream chargers and rolling papers.
    The second citation says that the fence Heine erected around the Obama sign is too high at 4 feet. The height limitation for fences is 3 feet.
    Heine said he plans to fight the citations, which he sees as an attempt to stifle his political speech.
    "My personal opinion is ... the government is run by Christians (who have decided) you've got to punish him," Heine said. "I feel like I'm being punished for exercising my First Amendment rights."
    Heine's sign, which he put up the day before Obama's inauguration, has provoked repeated incidents of vandalism from those who object to the sentiment. The latest incident happened around 11:30 Monday night when a man and woman, both wearing hoods, climbed over the fence around the sign, painted over Obama and painted in God so that the sign said, "One Nation Under God."
    Heine's public comments about the vandalism and his harsh criticism of Christians prompted a small protest in front of his store and the car lot across the street Thursday as 14 people gathered to wave signs supporting God.
    Heine is unrepentant and plans to restore Obama to his sign this morning.

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    If he wants to put his message out there, he could have painted it on something on his property that wasn't a sign. As long as there isn't an ordinance about where he'd put it.

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    Somehow, the ACLU will find a way to get involved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morris View Post
    Somehow, the ACLU will find a way to get involved.

    No secret which side the ACLU would take, if they touch it. I think the ACLU will tell the press to ignore it, and it will go away.
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    If there were ords. and such reference how many signs, height of fences etc. they should be enforced, now if there is some schmuck down the road with same kinda deal and they are not being handled the same way, then yeah there is something wrong.

    If he wants to put a sign up, fine, say what you want on it, but follow the rules that are out there
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    Personally I'm most offended by the person letting an American flag fly by one corner in the background, as it has likely been displayed for weeks. You know the people in your neighborhood who fly the colors with the same *cough* respect.



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