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    Question Jindal to Cheney: Lay off Obama

    Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) suggested Thursday that former Vice President Dick Cheney should tone down his criticism of President Barack Obama.
    Cheney has repeatedly criticized the president’s national security policy, saying recently on CNN’s “State of the Union” that Obama’s decisions “raise the risk to the American people of another attack.”
    Asked to respond to Cheney’s remark during an interview ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Jindal said: “I don't think we should question President Obama's patriotism or his intentions.”
    “I think Democrat or Republican, we should all agree that our current president, our former president would obviously want to do everything they could to keep us safe,” he said. “Let's give the new administration a chance. Let's not question their intentions. Let's have a real debate on their policies.”
    The Republican governor praised Obama for “showing more flexibility when it comes to Iraq than maybe some of the campaign rhetoric suggested.”
    “I am, quite honestly, pleasantly surprised,” he said. “That's the kind of pragmatism, listening to the commanders on the ground, I think is very important.”
    Jindal did offer some criticism of the president, pointing out that it is “fine to have an honest disagreement on the policies that both administrations would choose to try to keep us safe.”
    “At some point, we need to stop going overseas and apologizing, criticizing our predecessors,” he said.

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    I always thought it was classy for past presidents to disappear from politics. Of course that would be Reagan and the Bush's. Carter continues to meddle and Clinton was very vocal the last 8 years. You had your time, now go shut up and enjoy retirement. I find Bush in this regard to be far classier than Cheney. Everyone knows Cheney and Obama disagree, that's why he was Bush's VP not Obama's. Let the pundits and the politicians hash this stuff out. Standing on the sidelines booing really strikes me as classless. I hold Cheney in similar regard to Clinton and Carter on this.
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    Cheney may be a polarizing figure, but he's right - and Jindal is either playing to the huge Democrat base in Louisiana, or he's another McCain clone who talks tough and then wimps out.

    Truth tromps all decorum on things this serious.

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    I'm not a huge fan of Cheney. He made a small fortune as head of Halliburton under Clinton when they were sticking it to the American people. A couple of friends of mine who served in Bosnia told me about some of shakedowns of the government by Halliburton.

    Cheney was fine with excessive government spending as long as it went into his pocket.
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    Hey Bobby! Here's a thought. Stay the hell out of their business and stay focused on Louisiana. Geez! I want a Lousiana govenor, not a future presidential candidate. Everybody wants a shot at the next election.
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