And cheers to Jennifer Loven of AP for showing how minuscule President Obama’s vaunted attempt to cut $100 million from his $3,500,000 million ($3.5 Trillion) budget.
$100 million cut?
That will not cover even an hour — not one hour — of the borrowing the Obamadministration plans for next year.
Tapper to White House spokebot Robert Gibbs: “You were talking about an appropriations bill a few weeks ago about $8 billion being minuscule — $8 billion in earmarks. We were talking about that and you said that that $100 million is a lot but $8 billion is small?”
They plan to borrow 1,000 times that $100 million every month. That’s $3 billion+ a day.
President Obama’s $100 million cut is a joke. He really thinks Americans are dumb enough to fall for it. Hope. Change. Contempt for the American people.
We need more Tea Parties.
The video.