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    Second-quarter Nielsen numbers show that Fox's programs now rank one through 10 in total viewers on cable news.

    Fox News goes 10 for 10

    As MSNBC and CNN battle for second place, second-quarter Nielsen numbers show the network's programs now rank one through 10 in total viewers on cable news.

    Since Obama came into office, Fox has continued not only winning, but doing so at unprecedented levels. As the Hollywood Reporter noted last week, the network is having its"best year yet," with the competition in the ratings shifting from not only the news networks but all of basic cable. Indeed, Fox came in 3rd this quarter, behind only USA and TNT.

    Across the board, already top-rated shows are up by percentages in the 30s and 40s. But Glenn Beck, who takes aim at the administration repeatedly, is proving an even bigger draw since coming over from HLN: His 5 p.m. slot is up 110 percent from last year. Such a trend shows commentators like Beck can thrive in the opposition.
    From TVNewser:

    8pm - O'Reilly Factor 3,188,000
    9pm - Hannity 2,341,000
    5pm - Glenn Beck 2,053,000
    10pm - On the Record 1,950,000
    6pm - Special Report 1,889,000
    7pm - Fox Report 1,757,000
    11pm - O'Reilly Factor 1,579,000
    9am - America's Newsroom 1,399,000
    4pm - Your World 1,389,000
    3pm - Studio B 1,169,000
    MSNBC's Keith Olbermann came close to cracking the top t, having attracted 1,159,000 viewers during the second quarter.

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    I love Fox news, but I wish they all had more news - All of the cable news stations have almost turned into 24-hour political talk stations with 10 minutes of real news in between.

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