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    How Moammar Gadhafi confirmed to the United Nations that Barack Obama was born in Kenya in latest story the mainstream media won't tell you about

    There has been growing interest and speculation regarding the eligibility of The One who currently sits in The Oval Office. To be a presidential candidate, it is clearly explained in the Constitution that to even run for election for the high office, one must be a natural citizen of the United States, which means, being born here. The ruling is so strict that one cannot even hold a dual citizenship and become President. Without intending to, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi let a cat out of the bag during his speech at the U.N.

    All questions regarding the birthplace of Barack Obama have been shot down with heavy artillery. As reported, Obama himself has spent over a million dollars for lawyers to silence anyone who questions him or his press secretary and asks to see a copy of his birth certificate.

    Not only have these lawyers blocked any and all inquiries but they have worked to discredit "those nutty right wingers," sarcastically labeling them as, "birthers," to try and shut them up. That has only added to the intensity of a restless nation who has seen one deception after another come out of the White House and now feel that him being in office may be the greatest deception of all. Especially as they see how in a very short time, Obama has spiraled this nation down a road leading to out and out Marxism.

    Obama claimed that he was born in Hawaii even though he refuses to provide a birth certificate validating this. Then an internet user posted what he said was a Kenyan birth certificate that would prove that Obama was born there. It looked authentic.

    Jerome Korsi of Worldnetdaily.com traveled to Kenya to seek out information and was met with force, refused access to public records and was threatened with imprisonment if he asked any more questions about Obama's birth. He was virtually escorted to the airport and put on a plane to get him out of there.

    Adding to the confusion, The One's grandmother stated that yes, Obama was born in Kenya. Then we heard no more about her. Obama refused to provide passports of his travels or the source of the funding that put him through Harvard.

    A young service officer refused to follow a military order until it was proven that Obama was indeed her, "Commander in Chief." That suit was struck down...tossed out...with the judge stating that the voters were satisfied with him enough to put him in office and that if the young officer tried to repeal that decision or file another lawsuit, she would be charged with contempt of court, which would set an interesting new precedent.

    As for the voters putting him in office, that too is in question. It was noticed that the "Victory Election Party" that was held in Chicago's Grant Park the night of the election had been planned and paid for (over a million dollars)......MONTHS BEFORE the election even took place, which makes it appear that this was a done deal right from the start, beginning with his Harvard education and the mysterious benefactors who put him through the university and guided him up the ladder.

    Then, yesterday a session of the United Nations began in New York. Libyan leader, Moammar Gadhafi, who was supposed to have limited speech time, raged on for a full 90 minutes during which he praised Obama and then said: "We Africans are happy, proud that a son of Africa governs the United States of America." How's that again?

    Did he unintentionally expose once and for all that Obama was born in Africa? A "Son of Africa" would be said of someone born there. Gadhafi also stated that he hoped that Obama would take a cue from Libya and become president-for-life. That could not happen in a democracy, but only a country controlled by a Socialist Marxist government. Perhaps, Gadhafi sees the "change" Obama promised but did not describe to us.

    All suspicion of Obama's place of origin can be put to rest by Obama simply providing his birth certificate. So far, he and his 'handlers' feel they hold enough power over our government to refuse to abide by this rule. They have managed to put their man in and there's nothing anybody can do about it. The longer the stall...the refusal...the more intense the issue will become.

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    This will be debated, argued and denied by future generations. Not unlike who really shot President John Kennedy. Or did O.J. Simpson really kill those two people? For now, Obama is untouchable. He's in, put in by the "new age" voters who could care less about his entire background. End of story.
    As today's police officers you are not unlike your counterparts of years past. You are an elite group of select members, a brotherhood of highly trained professionals, who are called upon to protect your community in a time of need. Guardians for safety. Being a police officer is not for the faint of heart. You must be honest, trustworthy and fearless in the face of evil. You are being watched everyday. Represent yourself, your department and the shield, for it should always be the embodiment of all that is good and justly. You are the thin blue line. Be proud, be tough and be safe.



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