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    "Decision Points": GWB's memoir

    Has anyone picked up a copy yet? It came out Tuesday, and I planned on picking it up, but haven't yet. I'm very much looking forward to reading it. One thing I've heard, from both his supporters and detractors alike, is that the book is very genuine and humble. President Bush presents himself as a man, steering his administration through challenging times. I don't know about anyone else, but one of the things that really gives me a bad feeling about Obama is his insincere charisma and his lack of genuine warmth. I'm not alone in that perception.

    Here's a clip of Bush on the Today show, interviewing about his book's release. Man, I miss this guy. It's easier to empathize with someone who isn't necessarily making policy that you 100% agree with when you know he's a genuine man, a man who loves America more than he is allowed to describe, and one that is naturally charismatic without a Teleprompter. The guy is just downright warm and funny...it's infectious, as demonstrated by the station people cracking up every time he puts that twit Lauer in his place. He's shown himself as a man of honor, not tearing down the current administration, and even refusing to speak out against them because he knows that Obama's got a job to do, and him crowing about it won't help anything. That seems to be a common trait from the GWB admin...they've largely stayed quiet.

    I miss having a POTUS who I think genuinely cares about the cares and concern about every day people. His comment towards the end about the military gave me chills, and make me wish I would have served under him as my CinC.
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    I saw the entire series of interviews on the Today Show and listening to President Bush has made me want to read the book, I agree with you completely on how he presented himself.

    And twit or not, I like Matt Lauer.

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    History will remember President Bush as a much better president that the media will ever give him credit for being.
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    Mmmmmm - - - YUP!!!

    Planning on getting the book on my next trip to B&N.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buttercup View Post
    I saw the entire series of interviews on the Today Show and listening to President Bush has made me want to read the book, I agree with you completely on how he presented himself.

    And twit or not, I like Matt Lauer.
    I watched the Matt Lauer interview and really enjoyed it, and I do plan on getting a copy of the book. I didn't agree with him completely but I'd much rather have him as president then what we have now
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    I have to go do an EOD sweep for him Sunday for his signing in Miami. Im going to try to get a signed copy of the book if I can.
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