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Thread: More excuses

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    More excuses

    This is simply garbage, and an embarassement to what's left of decent journalism. I had to post it though.

    OpEdNews - Article: Police Brutality -- Americans Are Oppressed, Too
    "The best tank terrain is that without anti-tank weapons"
    Russian military doctrine

    "All right, they're on our left, they're on our right, they're in front of us, they're behind us...they can't get away this time"
    - Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller, USMC


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    In part because their ranks attract bullies, sociopaths and psychopaths

    Thereís a promise I need you to make
    While Iím gone you take care of the love
    And Iíll deal with the hate.

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    All you have to do is read the "About the Author" to see what a whack job this guy is.

    Car 4
    I would like my country back. I used to believe that one man could never destroy this country. Not so sure anymore!

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    There are a few places in my JD I could drop this enlightened soul off and he would be screaming for the low down dirty cops to save his ass inside of fifteen minutes.

    Meanwhile, fishing in Russia:

    "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it." -- Frederic Bastiat

    "Certainly there is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never really care for anything else thereafter." Ernest Hemingway

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    the people in the comments are deranged
    'Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a
    delusional, illogical liberal minority, and rabidly
    promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which
    holds forth the proposition that it is entirely
    possible to pick up a turd by the clean end!'

    ďA fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.Ē Sigmund Freud

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    Yes, there are cops that abuse their power. We've had too many instances here in the last couple of years. But those few would amount to 3% of the dept. What does that say about the other 97%? That they just haven't been caught yet? No. It says that a very select few of cops committ abuses. Of the 500,000 instances on "You Tube", how many of those were actual police misconduct and how many were cops acting appropriately, but viewed as excessive force by the public because they only show the 5-10 seconds of a cop whooping someone's ass because they attacked the cop?

    The only people, I feel, who should criticize cops for their actions are cops. Unless you have walked in my boots, put on a bullett resistant vest, and carried a gun, you can not purport to understand my job. Has the author ever had to fight someone nearly twice his size because he does not have the choice of walking away? I doubt it. I have, and it's not fun. Truth be told, he would probably piss himself while curled up in the fetal position! Ride alongs help, but they provide only a snapshot of our job.

    That being said, I would like to thank all of the civilians on here that support us in our endeavors and for your understanding.

    Sorry, sometimes I rant.

    I swear to Christ, if I survive this I'm gonna dance a jig!

    RMFT-Bama fans get it

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    Mr. Roberts once retired his poison pen in March, 2010. Unfortunately, he has apparently refilled it.

    Perhaps there is an indefatigable addiction to spewing sensationalistic drivel and wildly-spun Moore-esque fanaticism. Then again, were I to believe that YouTube is a credible research source, I'd come up with some pretty incredible idiocy too.

    "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."
    - Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

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