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    The other Superbowl showdown (Bill O'Reilly interviewing Barack Obama): Football talk or allegory?

    In a nod to the timing of the interview, O'Reilly tried to get Obama to say which team would win. "Once my Bears lost," Obama said, "I don't pick sides."

    "So you don't care," O'Reilly said.

    "Well, no," Obama said. "I do care. I want a great game. I want a great game."

    "You don't care who wins," O'Reilly interrupted.

    Obama continued: "But these are pretty evenly matched teams. I think that Green Bay is probably a little faster. Steelers got a little more experience. I think the Steelers not having their starting center is something that they've got to be worried about."

    O'Reilly asked repeatedly if Obama would actually watch the Super Bowl, and the president insisted he would, noting that he was having a party.

    O'Reilly asked, "You know football? You know like blitzes and coverage and all that?"

    "Oh, I know football, man," Obama said, adding that once the game starts "I don't want people coming up and chitting and chatting."
    So are they really speaking metaphorically about politics, or is a football just a football?

    Fox's Bill O'Reilly Interviews President Obama Before Super Bowl

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    Let me get this straight.....Obama agrees to an interview with O'Reilly and he asks about football? WTF....is that all?

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