I donít believe that the Troopers Association could have possibly predicted, or comprehended the events that are unfolding in front of us at this time. I can agree that it was a tragic mistake for the Trooperís Association to endorse the Governor, I canít do anything about it, and they are reaping the benefits of their actions. I do believe they thought any benefits gained would be for all of the members of WLEA, after all, the PCOís, Field Agents, Capitol Police, and U.W. Police are all in the same union.

Who could have possibly thought that the Governor could pluck one localís members from a union and identify it as being worthy of bargaining for a contract? Some of the comments and attitudes that have been made and displayed would have you believe that the Governor consulted with the board of the Trooperís Association about what his plans were in all of this.

There isnít anything anywhere to support that thinking. Even if the State Patrol Inspectors, and Troopers are recognized as being worthy of negotiation of contracts, they still donít have a contract either. Somehow I have been identified as someone that has sold out the members of Local 3, and Local 2. I donít know how or why that is. What possible effort have I made to sell out any local? I have sacrificed numerous personal hours to help support members of every Local in this union whenever, wherever I have been asked too. No doubt statements about the Trooperís Association will cause anger from some Local 1 members
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