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Thread: CA budget woes.

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    CA budget woes.


    SACRAMENTO After weeks of political maneuvering in the Capitol, the coming month will go a long way toward determining how California's massive budget deficit will be resolved.
    Gov. Jerry Brown has given lawmakers a March 10 deadline to call a June special election during which voters would be asked to extend increases passed two years ago to the personal income, sales and vehicle taxes. If he cannot get sufficient Republican support to call the election, the Democratic governor has said the alternative is deep spending cuts to close the $26.6 billion shortfall.
    It's not clear whether any Republican lawmakers are willing to vote independently to support a ballot measure and, if so, what they want in return. Last week, Brown appeared before the legislative conference committee an extremely unusual move for a governor to debate ideas and implore Republicans to make him an offer that would persuade them to support the ballot measure.


    And perhaps one of the most bias comments in the article

    "Republicans believe tax cuts persuade business owners to create jobs, even though there is little evidence to support that."

    democrats want to increase taxes, and extend other increases in taxes. That's one of the things that got CA in the major hole it is in now.
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    When you discover that you are in a hole, Rule #1 is "Stop Digging". I guess nobody in Ca has heard that old saw.

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