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    What Did You Think Of The Republican Presidential Debate ?

    Text of debate here:


    This was my favorite part:

    I stll think Romney and Huntsman seem the most reasonable of the bunch. They're all pretty scary, though.
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    My favorite part was when Brian Williams noticed he had to go put a dime in the parking meter and ended the debate without parting remarks or warning. A fitting end to an amateurish broadcast I watched on Y2K era retro choppy video streaming from their site as I don't subscribe to that cable channel. Special thanks to the director for the unintentional comedy of not being able to play a video clip for the gotcha moment on Mitt's question.

    As to Congressman Paul's views on the fence, love him or hate him, the man has more heart than eloquence. Rather than what he did say I was hoping he'd turn and point up where the tribute to Nancy Reagan had been played minutes earlier and say 'we stand here in the Reagan Library, in the shadow of the man and the very plane he flew on to Berlin, and yet we forget so soon what he said there and heard again only moments ago'

    Also would have had him end the exchange with Governor Perry about Rick writing a letter to Hillary and Ron writing one to President Reagan with 'regardless of the substance, the context of both being warped by our campaigns and the press alike, the simple fact is your penpal was Hillary Clinton and mine was Ronald Reagan. ' I tire of Reagan comparisons each primary, yet most fitting in the setting of this particular debate and what a fun soundbite for this week's political ads.

    Why yes, I am available for debate coaching. Free tip : Michele, get a haircut, your doo has become a hoodie



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