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    Wisconsin Democrats will turn in petitions to recall Governor Walker and others on Jan 17

    Wisconsin Democrats have announced they will submit the petition signatures in their effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker next Tuesday, January 17 — with a massive drop-off of boxes at the state’s election administration agency, the Government Accountability Board:
    Back in mid-December, the Dems announced that they had collected over 507,000 signatures in 30 days, getting very close to the legal threshold of just over 540,000 signatures in 60 days. (They are also working towards a goal of 720,000 total, in order to have an absolute buffer against disqualifications.) The party also told TPM at the time that this 507,000 figure takes into account also own efforts to weed out bad signatures.

    The party has since said that beyond that mid-December update, they will be making no further official claims of signature counts before they actually turn in the papers.
    More here: Wisconsin Dems To Deliver Walker Recall Petitions Next Week | TPMDC

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    I figured it was coming soon since all the street rats were holding signs that said last chance to sign. I'll be happy to see them off the streets.
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