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    Osama bin Laden wrote that Joe Biden was "totally unprepared" for the presidency, and was advised that Fox news "lacks neutrality"

    Bin Laden did urge his followers to scope out opportunities to attack President Obama or Petraeus while they were in Afghanistan. At the time, Petraeus was the commanding general of NATO soldiers in Afghanistan.

    Bin Laden noted snidely that killing Obama would pave the way for Vice President Joe Biden to assume the presidency. The al Qaeda leader said Biden was "totally unprepared" for the job.
    For the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, bin Laden wanted his media team to emphasize particularly that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were one of the main reasons for the financial crisis in the United States. (Bin Laden bought his compound in Abbottabad with cash, so presumably he didn't quite understand the dimensions of the subprime mortgage debacle.)
    One of his media advisers, who U.S. officials believe to be the American al Qaeda recruit Adam Gadahn, suggested bin Laden take advantage of the 9/11 anniversary in 2011 to record a 'high definition' videotape message that could be given to all the major American news networks, except to Fox News, which Gadahn said "lacks neutrality." It doesn't appear that bin Laden made such a tape.

    Bin Laden also advised his lieutenants that when they kidnapped someone they should take many precautions during the negotiating process and also throw away any bags that contained ransom money because they might also contain a tracking device.
    More here: Bin Laden's final days -- big plans, deep fears - CNN.com

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    The al Qaeda leader said Biden was "totally unprepared" for the job.
    Never would have though I'd ever agree with this dude. Live and learn.

    What a raving endorsement of Fox News though... they are not the friend of terrorists. You just can't trust them to be objective when it comes to hating America. Kinda makes you wonder about the others...

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    Osama is more observant of American politics than some American citizens are.
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