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Thread: Guns and Ammo

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    Guns and Ammo

    This thread Scalia: Guns May be Regulated got me thinking. What are your opinions on how soon and how severe a guns and ammo shortage will occur? Do you think it prudent for law-abiding shooting enthusiast to stock up?

    I think that people will fear serious restrictions and that a run will begin soon if it has not already on some guns and ammo. I also think that buying some ammo and mags would not be a bad idea. I don't really need another gun, unless I am buying as an investment.
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    Probably a good idea although the shortage isn't likely to be caused by talk. The government is now buying the TOTAL output of the Lake City Arsenal and others to restock their magazines due to feeling that more reserves may be called up for additional training and deployment. Not sure where they would go but thats what I recently read on one of the military blogs.

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    no such thing as too much ammo or guns. Ask my wife
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    Yup, thinking seriously 'bout getting another case - - or two - - of M855 for my M4.

    The three cases I have in my closet just may not be enough. ESPECIALLY if Barry get's re-elected.

    <Edit to add>
    Just had a few minutes to check my regular supplier's web site, and see that a lot of the more popular .556 stuff (62gr/69gr/75gr TAP) is all out of stock, as well as some of the standard 55gr FMJ.

    Prices so far still look fairly reasonable, but I'm sure as the supply gets tighter, the prices will probably rise again. (Of course if it ain't available, the price don't matter much.)

    Looks like the run has started again, just like it did right after Nobama took office.


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