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    Fears of civil unrest abound

    In fact, the UN will not “mess with Texas,” Martin Nesirky, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s spokesman, tells Reuters.While Judge Head, an elected judge in Lubbock, Texas, has received flak for his suggestion that the county should raise taxes in order to arm up the local constabulary in case the state should be attacked, his fears about civil unrest aren’t isolated.
    Last week, the federal government scurried to tamp down rumors about government agencies such as the Weather Service buying tens of thousands of rounds of hollow-point bullets – news that some took to mean that bureaucrats were arming up against the prospect of unrest should Obama be reelected. It turns out that it wasn’t the weather service, but
    – which has dozens of armed officers that patrol the nation’s fishing grounds – and several other agencies that order bullets up annually for routine training.
    MOre here: UN eyeing Texas invasion? Probably not, but

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    Why are agencies wasting our tax dollars on the more expensive hollow-point ammo instead of using the cheaper rounds typically used for training? Or, the agencies are lying to us.
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    Make sure your bug out gear is ready. water, beans rice, aspirin, keystone light, 45k rounds of ammo

    yeah, I am ready.

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