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Thread: Maine state senate candidate criticized for playing a bloodthirsty green character in World of Warcraft

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    Maine state senate candidate criticized for playing a bloodthirsty green character in World of Warcraft

    Lachowicz, a Democrat, is under fire from the state Republican Party for her activities as a level-85 rogue orc assassin in the popular online game World of Warcraft. While Lachowicz is a rather nondescript social worker in real life, her WoW avatar, Santiaga, is a green-skinned trash-talker with a mohawk, and the Maine GOP has combed through all available details about Santiaga and posted them on a website they created to try and disqualify Lachowicz for leading a "time-consuming" and "bizarre double life."

    When politics collides with World of Warcraft: Colleen Lachowicz' public shaming - The Week

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    Wow. Just sounds to me she has too much time on her hands.
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    this is dumb... who cares that she plays WoW or what toon she plays on there...

    if that's the most dirt they can dig up on here, she seems like a pretty good candidate to me... she didn't lie on taxes, cheat on significant other, or otherwise screw over anyone... she plays a character in an online video game... geez, give me a break...

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    Could be worse.

    Just imagine the time wasted if she played golf.
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