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    So, what happened in your election?

    Get any interesting new laws? Repeal any?

    Our legislators tried to wiggle out of the term limits we placed on them just a few terms ago. They lost.

    Meanwhile they asked for a pay raise. Nope, they didn't get that either.

    Also, now anything they do while running for office can be grounds for impeachment.

    Overall, bad day for wanna-be crooked politicians in this great State. We got a minty fresh new Senator who was a welcome standout voice in our legislature too. She doesn't have the ivy lineage, but I'd sleep better with her as POTUS than...anyway, lot more happened last night than the final episode of the Barack and Mitt show. How'd it turn out in your neck of the woods?

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    No changes to speak of.
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    The morons here approved recreational marijuana. I don't see the Feds letting that stand though.
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    We elected Republicans to all offices except for our lone open Senate spot who went Democrat.

    We also approved a state wide smoking ban and did not approve a measure to make animal cruelty a felony (the measure was poorly written)
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    As expected, the main population areas went for the Democrats, though Paul Ryan was re-elected as a representative. I see him as the Republican nominee in 2016.
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    Eh, not good.

    Besides the Dear Ruler being re-elected, our house and senate each now are controlled by democrats. My city elected a new mayor. One candidate is a HUGE public safety supporter...he'd take money out of his own pocket just to keep us properly staffed and safe. The other one is an outspoken supporter of the "arts" and the director of a (partially) city funded historical society. The artsy fartsy guy won.

    There were a couple high points. One is our conservative state senator in my district was re-elected. Also, our 5 member county board traditionally votes 3-2. Three liberals against 2 conservatives. One of the incumbent liberals was just outed and replaced with a conservative, hopefully votes will start swinging the other way. Land owners in my county are getting hammered by our liberal board, so I'm looking forward to the change.
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