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    Protestors rally in DC against climate change and Keystone XL pipeline

    Tens of thousands of people converged on the National Mall on Sunday to urge President Barack Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline, a project they say will cause irreparable damage to the climate.
    The rally, which was organized by the Sierra Club, 350.org and the Hip Hop Caucus, was billed as the largest climate rally in American history. Organizers estimated that about 35,000 people participated in the rally

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    I don't mind so much that this particular pipeline was held up for scrutiny. State law didn't, now corrected, allow this state a veto on the route. The federal delay allowed us time to change state law and push it off a fastlane over the aquifer over to where dozens of existing pipelines already run.

    Had it gone through unopposed we'd already be pumping Canadian oil to China with 5 year safeguards for a 30 year pipeline. From my view the pipeline should go forward now that groundwater for several states is kept safe. Now that I can't support them on substance - seems an asshole thing to do to oppose them for their other views. Those protesters delayed the vote that kept our aquifer out of bounds, not our elected representatives. The DC representation of the state was in direct conflict with the Governor and the legislature. Worked out that we had time to make new state law. Said my peace.

    I retain all oppositional arguments to climate change proponents.



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