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    Obama confronts challenges of reforming collection of Americansí phone records

    President Obamaís intention to end the governmentís controversial practice of amassing the phone records of millions of Americans faces a tangle of technical, logistical and political problems that defy ready solutions and are largely beyond the presidentís control.Among the challenges is stiff resistance from phone companies that do not want to be told how long to hold their customersí data if the government does not collect it, especially if that means longer than they do now.
    The political challenges may be particularly daunting. The president says he wants to move the data out of the governmentís hands. That has positioned him between two extremes. At one end is an odd collection of tea party Republicans and civil liberties Democrats who want the government to end its bulk collection of Americansí records, not just shift where the data are stored. At the other end are powerful lawmakers, including the chairmen of the intelligence committees, who have resisted any substantial changes.
    Obama confronts challenges of reforming collection of Americans’ phone records - The Washington Post

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    And nothing will change. The program will just be secret again while everyone swears it doesn't happen.

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    Nothing of any note changed. The amount that the NSA can snoop is reduced by one tier. And there still isn't any one or any plan as to what will happen or who will be over the data already collected. AND there is no immediate change at all. So carry on government, carry on. Useless. AND they are considering a 3rd party to guard the data? I don't trust the government to do it, why in the hell would I not think the 3rd party wouldn't be bought and paid for? Smoke and mirrors.
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