I know this is happening in every state. Here is the article regarding three gangbangers who went on a killing spree in Omaha in 2008. One of the victims was a gas station clerk who had just closed the store for the night and was getting into her car. One of the suspects who was 15 at the time, walked up, robbed her and then shot her to death.

Nebraska Supreme Court ruling could affect 27 teen murder cases - Omaha.com

Same thing is happening across the river in Iowa. I guess these three killers didn't fully understand that murdering an innocent woman by stabbing her 30 times and shooting her, was wrong. Now there is a possibility that they could be immediately patrolled.

3 teens convicted in brutal murder to be resentenced | Local News - KCCI Home

I completely disagree with this Supreme Court Ruling. If someone commits a murder the day before their 18th birthday, they can argue that they were just a stupid kid and didn't know better. If they waited 24 hours to commit the homicide, then all of a sudden the the rules change and they will be breaking rocks for the rest of their life. This is a public safety issue. At a minimum killers should be locked up for life. I just did a simple search for killers who were released early only to kill again and I found plenty of cases.

Murderer on parole kills again | KMOV.com St. Louis