$27 dollar Whoppers

Cops are people too and like civilians, they’re about to get hammered on their bills from their “internet providers.”

Here’s the thing about net neutrality- it’s really simple but can seem complicated.

Fiber optics, broadband, and interoperability are complex things.

But giving away what used to be the public airwaves (that police and the public used for free) to corporations so they can charge access fees and slow down your internet access so you have to get the “premium upgrade” is pretty simple.

The goofball in the costume is Ajit Pai. He’s the con man in charge of making extremely rich people even richer. He’s very good at it. Both Barrack Obama and Donald Trump are big Ajit Pai fans. And if you understand that, you understand something about the way real power works in this country.

All you need to do if you’re a telecom executive is make sure the right Congress critters get the right envelopes and boom- massive profits.

If only there was a way to explain this hustle to folks that might care about it if they understood it.

Thank you Burger King!

See the video here.


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