VIDEO: Stealing Cops’ Guns

The issue of police weaponry being stolen, sold, and winding up in the hands of criminals, is a troubling national phenomenon. The problem is especially bad in North Carolina.

Via WECT Channel 6 News:

WINNABOW, NC — An M4 fully automatic rifle and other government-owned law enforcement equipment was stolen during a car break-in.


According to a heavily redacted report from the Leland Police Department (NC), the break-in was reported at a home in Winnabow on Sept. 30.


The report lists the items stolen as an M4 rifle, soft rifle case, tactical mounted light for M4, scope, infrared laser, bulletproof vest (valued at $1,500), Taser, a hand-held radio, two 15-round handgun magazines and five M4 magazines (30 rounds).


It indicates the weapons belong to a government agency, but does not specify which one.


In total, the value of the items stolen is estimated to be around $4,500.


The thief broke in through the driver side rear passenger window, according to the report.


Leland Police directed all questions about the break-in to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.


An ATF spokesperson wrote in an email, “It is a state investigation in which ATF cannot comment on.”


The State Bureau of Investigation said, however, “The SBI is not investigating that.”


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