Lock Them Up!

Ed. note: Well, the Feds couldn’t strong-arm local law enforcement into doing the federal government’s job by withholding grant money ,because the grants have been cut to the bone. So now it’s up to pols like Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to make sure cops don’t have a say about what they do. It makes a lot of sense, if you think about it. Want to be safe? Just lock up the cops. Easy as pie. What’s really wild is that a lot of cops are literally cheering at the prospect of sending police officers to jail for political reasons. Truly amazing and a testament to the power of political messaging. You know you’ve got them by the short and curlies when you’ve got people applauding the idea of locking cops up.

Via The Houston Chronicle:

Gov. Greg Abbott signed a sweeping ban on “sanctuary cities” into law on Sunday, giving police officers new authority to question a detained person’s immigration status and blocking local entities from passing laws that would prohibit these questions from officers.


“The reason why so many people come to America is because we are the nation of laws,” he said, seconds after dotting his signature on Senate Bill 4 on Facebook Live. “Texas is doing its part to keep it that way.”


The legislation allows for misdemeanor criminal penalties for law enforcement officials who refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. Fines could reach $25,000 for repeat violations.


Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said Sunday that the bill “will ensure that no city in Texas will be allowed to ignore the law,” thanking Sen. Charles Perry, R-Lubbock, who wrote the bill.


Immigrants’ rights groups and police forces statewide—including in Houston—criticized the bill as potentially sowing distrust of law enforcement among immigrants. Last week, the Republican-controlled Legislature issued its final approval of the bill, which Abbott had listed as a priority for the session.


Senate Bill 4 applies to officers across the state, including on college campuses. It excludes those who are contracted by religious groups and schools, government mental health care facilities and hospitals.


Before Abbott signed the bill Sunday, he criticized the policies of Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez, who said she would no longer cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement requests to hold immigrants while federal authorities investigate their status.


“Those policies are sanctuary city policies (and) won’t be tolerated in Texas,” he said.



I know this is a great law due to it being criticized by the exact person(s) wanting to keep conflict in this beautiful country. Kudos to Gov. Abbot for standing to protect and keep his state of Texas safe. I believe all states should pass this law, fine and/or jail anyone who breaks it. Make fines as stiff as possible to assure there will be no exceptions. Texas and Arizona are close to the border where underground tunnels are made and these are the hardest to control, so control within and this will help.

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