Accidents happen

In California, students and parents are expressing their alarm after a teacher, who is also a reserve police officer, accidentally discharged his firearm in a classroom.

Ironically enough, Dennis Alexander was teaching public safety for his Administration of Justice class in Seaside High School when the shot went off.

Alexander “accidentally discharged his firearm into the ceiling,” said Seaside Police Chief Abdul Pridgen.

“Fragments from the bullet struck a student in the neck,” Pridgen told reporters.

Sounds like the school is not one of those unsafe “gun-free zones.”

Seaside Police say there is no law or policy requiring them to be notified when a gun is being used in class.

They described the act of a teacher bringing a gun into a classroom as “unusual.”

The incident of course reminded many of this viral Youtube video.

“Best practice is you don’t take live firearms into a classroom,” Chief Pridgen said. “You take what is called a dummy gun, which looks like a real gun but you can’t even put a magazine in it and you certainly can’t put bullets in it. I’m not sure what circumstances led to a firearm being used in this class.”

Alexander, the teacher that fired the shot, is a reserve police officer for Sand City Police Dept.

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