The Purge

Photo: Flickr
Photo: Flickr

Time’s up, folks. It’s time to choose your political lane.

Donald Trump is a wildly popular television personality and real estate hustler.

Oh, yeah, and he’s running for president.

No one really knows whether the Donald is playing the American people like fiddles or if he’s deadly serious (if it even matters, at this point).

What we do know is Trump is wildly popular with specific demographics.

This includes the New England PBA, who recently bestowed him with its endorsement.

Rightly or wrongly, that union’s website was promptly kicked off the internet by the guy who hosted their site.

But for the extremely conservative, Donald is a breath of fresh air. He’s not PC, he says what he means, and he’s just as tough as his pal Vlad Putin.

But if you’re a Muslim American—particularly one of the thousands of Muslim police officers that risk their lives to serve and protect—you might have some concerns and questions.

“I’m a third-generation American from central Michigan, a police officer, and a Muslim, and my wife has a business trip to Geneva next year. Will she be banned from coming home?”

And what about Muslim Officers Associations? Do they get put on Frank Gaffney and Pam Geller’s enemies’ lists?

At any rate, if you’re a Muslim cop in the U.S., you can expect some turbulence ahead as Trump’s fans become more energized and emboldened.


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