Cop Filmer Busted

Antonio Buehler, the Austin activist who made a name for himself by filming police arrests, is free from the Travis County Jail after being arrested Sunday.

KVUE-TV reports Buehler walked out giving brief comments to supporters outside the Travis County Justice Complex.

An Austin police lieutenant said in a phone conversation Sunday that Buehler faces a misdemeanor charge for interfering with public duties. Later that day, police charged Buehler with resisting arrest after reviewing video filmed by an officer.

Buehler  is the founder of Peaceful Streets Project, which advocates for the filming of police officers.



you have an organization named Peaceful Streets and you put your efforts into filming police officers who are REALLY trying to make the streets peaceful

I heard a rumor there were “good” cops out there. Yet when cops commit crimes in front of other cops, or that are caught on video, and prove that they lied in their arrest affidavits, none of those “good” cops ever seem to come forward to protect the victims of the criminal cops.

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