VIDEO: Idiot Preachers

One of the really unfortunate things about social media is that it gives people that no one likes or takes seriously an opportunity to broadcast their dysfunction—and maybe even get paid in the process.

There are lots of pains in the asses behind the phones and camcorders. They might be open-carry activists looking to jam a cop up on charges of false arrest, or it might be the thousands of kids that prank each other with fake firearms and the like.

But street preachers are the absolute worst of the lot.

In the old days, they were mostly harmless cranks that people simply ignored, but increasingly they’re trying to provoke people to the point where they get assaulted.

That way, they can satisfy two fantasies at once.

Not only are they the ultimate champions of free speech, they also get to play the victim.

Thankfully, most of these losers are too poor to travel, so they’re really only a headache for communities and local law enforcement.

The exception are those lovely people from the Westboro Baptist Church/Cult in Kansas.

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