April Fool’s pranks to pull on your partners

  1. Put pillows underneath a blanket in a holding cell. Tell the department newbie it’s a drunk and that it’s their job to make sure nothing happens to “him.”
  2. If your partner falls asleep in the car, drive down to a boat landing and park the car with the passenger side closest to the water. Flip on the lights and siren and bail out of the car yelling, “Foot chase, your side!”
  3. Cocky rookie on the team? Ask dispatch to send them on a dead body call at an intersection with a cemetery.
  4. If you find an officer sleeping in their car, start running in place near the vehicle and shout “Hey, you’re rolling!” Watch in amazement at how fast he slams on the brake.
  5. Drop a stink bomb in a fellow officer’s car and spray the outside of the door handle with OC spray. When they go to cover their nose from the stench … well, you know the rest.
  6. Don’t want to be too evil? Replace OC spray with fingerprint ink. Less odor but double the mess.
  7. Place a bowling ball in the back of the wagon while it’s parked. As soon as someone pulls out of the parking lot, the thunder-like sound coming from the trunk will cause them to slam on the brakes. Once that happens, another large bang will occur.
  8. Set everything — sirens, radio, emergency lights, wipers, turn signals — on full blast before your partner gets in the car. Wait for hilarity to ensue.
  9. Ensure your partner isn’t a dirty cop by rubbing a thin layer of soap around the rim of his coffee mug.
  10. Nothing’s worse than someone hogging the bathroom stall. Place an old pair of pants and boots in the stall and see who’s brave enough to barge in.

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