Arby’s Boycott is ON!


Despite an apology from the fast food company, a South Florida police union is calling for a national boycott of the Arby’s restaurant chain after a police officer said she was told that an employee did not want to serve her because she is a cop.

The Dade County Police Benevolent Association is calling for the boycott following an incident between Pembroke Pines Police Sgt. Jennifer Martin and Arby’s employee Kenny Davenport.

As details of the incident emerged, it became even more disturbing.

The Miami Herald reported:

According to a police report on the incident, the police officer was told by the manager, “(Davenport) doesn’t want to serve you because you are a police officer.”


After that, the officer said she wasn’t certain she wanted to dine at the restaurant, but the manager assured her everything was fine and handed the officer the food, according to the report.


The manager allegedly laughed about it and said the clerk was allowed to refuse to serve the officer.


That’s when the officer said she was unsure about the condition of her food, decided not to eat there and asked for a refund, the report states.


In calling for the boycott, Dade County Police Benevolent Association president John Rivera demanded that the employees involved be fired.


“It is beyond comprehension and deeply troubling that a business would deny service to a law enforcement officer just for being a law enforcement officer,” Rivera said in a statement. “This is yet another example of the hostile treatment of our brave men and women simply because they wear a badge.”

And he makes it clear an apology alone will not do.

“It is unacceptable and warrants much more than an apology,” he added. “We support our brothers and sisters who wear the badge in Broward County and across the United States. Until corrective action is taken and the employees involved in this incident are terminated, we’re calling for a national boycott of Arby’s.”



There are different people that own groups of Arby’s. There are good people and bad people at them. I raised three boys that worked at Arby’s. They all grew up to be navy sailors. They stand by being proud of our police. The have worked with good and bad co-workers and managers. They didn’t like the bad people but they loved working for Arby’s. I even found a repeat child molester that was a manager that sent my son messages that sent the predator to jail. A couple jerks doesn’t make the whole company. Get rid of the jerks that was rude to that police officer. They will probably be the same people that are calling the police to help the next time they are stupid enough to mouth to the wrong person

This article does not mention the manager being fired or the free food the company gave the cops.

The manager was fired, the employee suspended, a Corporate Apology was issued and they gave out free food to cops.

What else do you hope to gain by asking for a National Boycott????

If the Union is still calling for a Boycott, their Union President needs to go to negotiation class!

Why in the hell wasn’t the stupid, ignorant employee fired?….that was the FIRST thing that should have been done. And, on the spot as well…you don’t give a fricking employee privilege of deciding who to serve or not to serve….moron.

PLEASE support your local Police Officers. I know I don’t want to eat anywhere Police Officers arent welcome and respected. What is happening in our Country? May our Father God watch over and protect all our first defenders at home and our Troops home and abroad in Jesus name. Amen

Are all police officers brutal and racist? If you answered “no, but a few are” then you would be correct.
Are all Arby’s employees prejudiced and stupid? If you answered, “no, but a few are”, then you would be correct again.
If we are not to paint all police, or gun owners, or blacks, or Mexicans, or whites or whatever label you are using to distinguish a specific group with the same brush, then tell me why you would do such a horrible thing to Arby’s owners and employees throughout the country? Shame on yourselves! You are no better than the ones you accuse of prejudice!

That is just unacceptable! Yes the employee and the manager both should loes their job. I’m going to boycott Arby’s as well.

Maybe it was an isolated incident but it just shows lack of respect for our men / women in blue. Since they can’t play the racist card or the religion card or political card which one is Arby’s playing ?

I hope they don’t have to call police when they give Robbed, and if they do ever get Rob I hope the police would not respond to Arby’s just saying !!!!

I support this decision not only bc i respect law enforcement but i have law enforcement members im my family as well i dont not agree with the mgr of this resturant and firmly stand with the calling of all employees involved be fired

This isn’t horrible idea. I’ve been a cop for 22 years and I ate at Arby’s yesterday. Boycott the Pembroke Pines store all you want. I’ll never spend a dime there if I’m in south FL. but calling for a NATIONAL boycott??? Why should my independtly owned Arby’s in OH pay for what Pembroke Pines did? When a cop is caught doing something wrong, we are the first ones saying not to judge all cops because of him. If this was a corporate policy, I’d be on board, but it’s not. If you do this you are no better than the people that paint our profession with a broad brush.

It’s silly to boycott Arby’s. The manager was fired and the employee was suspended indefinitely (from what I read). If you boycott the restaurant chain now what would be the motivation for any other restaurant to take the same actions if you are only going to boycott them anyway? I think the media attention has gotten the message across, we will not stand for this treatment to our brother and sister officers. Guaranteed there will be a restaurant that will refuse to serve another officer and then refuse to do the right thing by terminating the responsible person or persons. That is when a boycott should take place.

It’s not the ones that openly refuse service to a police officer that scares me, it’s the ones that are sneaky and do something to your food and serve it to you that I worry about.

Be very careful where you go to eat. If you trust the restaurant or fast food chain. All well an good. If situation arises where these options aren’t available. an if you are sure of the place. O.K. but don’t take chances. Remember what happened to an N.Y. P.D. officer at a fast food restaurant a few years back when the cook urinated in his food. Keep all this in mind. and stay safe.

I work for Arbys in Indiana police officers get a 50% discount when they come in while in uniform. Last week we gave all officers a free meal in uniform or not. All stores aren’t linked together. So I don’t think this should be a nation thing. Maybe just boycott the ones linked together with this one!!

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