Really Small Potatoes


The City of Atlanta is offering financial incentives to help fill open positions in the police force. Three separate incentives are aimed at helping fill crime scene technicians, 911 dispatchers and police officers.


One referral bonus is targeted towards City of Atlanta employees and offers a $500 referral bonus “for recruiting new civilian and sworn employees who successfully complete the applicable training programs,” according to a release from the police department.


The second program offers a $500 bonus to “approved officer recruits who apply and successfully complete the hiring process” before the end of the year.


The third incentive is a $1,000 relocation bonus to be paid in two installments for new officer candidates moving in to the City of Atlanta


Referral applications need to be submitted before the candidate is hired.


For more details on the application submission, contact the Background and Recruitment Unit’s Lieutenant D’Andrea Price (404) 546-2584.


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