Attitude Adjustment


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Adults in the United States view the problem of prescription opioid use and abuse mainly as a public health problem rather than a law enforcement issue and are fully supportive of a wide range of policies aimed at controlling the epidemic, new research shows.”


“Right now we are in a situation where there are a whole host of different policies that have been proposed to tackle this epidemic, but other than some action on prescription drug monitoring programs, not a lot has been passed in terms of major polices regarding prescription opioid use,” Colleen Barry, PhD, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, Maryland, told Medscape Medical News.


“But because the opinion of the public is relevant in decisions related to whether certain laws get enacted or not, we wanted to take the pulse of the public and find out if it is something on their radar screen,” she added.


“And our study suggests that the public is viewing this issue as a broader public health issue as opposed to a law enforcement issue, and many of them see it as being a very serious or an extremely serious problem.”


The survey results were published online October 7 in Addiction.


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