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Sheriff Slammed On Twitter

Sheriff Slammed On Twitter

Via ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Bernalillo County Sheriff told KRQE News 13 on Wednesday that he has launched an internal investigation to find out who used the department’s official Twitter account to accuse him of giving his friends special treatment.   “We believe it’s a serious infraction,” said Sheriff Manuel Gonzales. “I think

VIDEO: Mini Doc Captures Charlottesville

Via the Huffington Post: HBO’s “Vice News Tonight” was on the ground amid the chaos and violence that hit Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend and the resulting documentary is an education. Youtube   Correspondent Elle Reeve primarily follows white nationalist leader Christopher Cantwell throughout the 22-minute piece. Interspersed throughout are interviews with ex-KKK leader David Duke

He’s Scared, She Ain’t

Via Raw Story: In wake of the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, one North Carolina woman was inspired to speak out against someone flying a Nazi flag she saw in Mount Holly in Gaston County.   Page Braswell told The News & Observer that she couldn’t remain silent after seeing the violence in Virginia. She didn’t

Push to Oust Chief Intensifying

The latest no confidence vote is coming out of Louisville, Kentucky. The Louisville City Council last month voted 13-9 to approve a resolution which “urges Mayor Greg Fisher to ask for Police Chief Steve Conrad’s resignation and open the selection process for a new Chief. The resolution is a non-binding measure that requires no formal

Neo-Nazis Blame Cops

Via Newsweek: The organizer of the White Supremacist rally in Charlottesville that descended into violence has claimed police were responsible for the clashes and that Nazis were victimized.   Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler said the clashes and chaos at the Saturday gathering, that left one person dead and others injured after a car

Joe Wants Pardon

Via Politico: Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was found guilty in late July of contempt of court after failing to stop racial profiling practices, said he would accept a pardon from President Donald Trump.   “Whatever the president wants me to do, I would support him,” Arpaio said to his state’s largest paper, The

White Supremacists Attack

Via The Huffington Post:   CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. ― Thousands of white supremacists and armed militia groups faced off with counter-protesters during a violent and chaotic rally that raged for hours in this Virginia city on Saturday, resulting in the deaths of at least three people.   Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D), who declared a state

DIY Body Cams

Via the Pasadena Star News: America’s largest sheriff’s department still lacks a policy for body cameras after years of studying the issue, so hundreds — perhaps thousands — of its deputies have taken matters into their own hands and bought the cameras themselves.   It’s reassuring for those Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies who have

We’re Coddling Criminals!

Via the New York Times: For years, beginning in the 1990s, aggressive enforcement of minor offenses, like riding a bike on a sidewalk or drinking in public, was a fundamental part of policing in New York. But one of the lasting consequences of that enforcement has become a major policy dilemma, as more and more

Doesn’t Understand Problem

Via The Los Angeles Times: President Trump emphasized the need for stepped-up law enforcement to combat the nation’s opioid problem Tuesday, an approach that is at odds with a report released last week by the special commission he appointed to address abuse.   “Strong law enforcement is absolutely vital to having a drug-free society,” Trump