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Who Knows? Who Cares?

Who Knows? Who Cares?

Via Mother Jones: In violation of a long-standing legal mandate, scores of federal law enforcement agencies are failing to submit statistics to the FBI’s national hate crimes database, ProPublica has learned.   The lack of participation by federal law enforcement represents a significant and largely unknown flaw in the database, which is supposed to be

Smart Police Reform

Via the National Review: Here’s an issue on which liberals and conservatives agree: policing the mentally ill. The two sides may have arrived at that position through different underlying beliefs, but they got there. Here’s a problem: In Texas, a conservative legislature passed, and a conservative governor just signed, the Sandra Bland Act, a law

Duh, It’s Not Religion

Looks like someone doesn’t understand the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. For the record, being gay is not a political act. Some might say painting bible verses on official vehicles isn’t political either. But that argument has not fared very well in the courts. Via Fox News: It’s permissible in the United States to

Cops On the Stand

Via the Los Angeles Times: The case seemed open and shut.   Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sgt. Justin Walter told a jury how he had pulled over a sport utility vehicle for an expired registration tag.   The veteran sergeant went into detail about the stop — how he saw the SUV’s passenger sneak his

Pride in Honoring Our Own

It comes down to one word: Brotherhood by Susan Yerkes It’s not strange that David Putnam spends a good part of most days thinking about death in the line of duty. Putnam, who retired from the San Antonio Police Department years ago, is no longer in the daily line of fire. But over the last

New Budget Shortchanges Vets

Via Military Times: President Donald Trump’s “taxpayer focused” budget for fiscal 2018 includes smaller cost-of-living adjustments for veterans benefits payouts and eliminating those adjustments for some federal civilian retirees altogether.   The controversial suggestions are likely to be met with opposition from outside advocates and some lawmakers, but White House officials insist the moves are

Cops’ Selfie Sensation

Via Buzzfeed: Two Tasmanian police officers have gone viral after taking a selfie with a dude’s phone, who they politely chose to drop home after he had one too many drinks during a night out.   Reece Park, from Launceston, Tasmania, was out at a local pub on Saturday night before heading to a nightclub

Texas Moves to Save Police Pensions

Via A bill to save the Dallas police and fire pension fund passed by a unanimous vote in the Texas Senate Tuesday afternoon. The bill is expected to move the pension fund into solvency for 46 years, according to a release from Sen. Royce West’s office.   According to a report posted on,

Isn’t That Extortion?

This story would appear to back up the theory that coercing local law enforcement into federal immigration enforcement responsibilities does indeed impact the larger fight against major crimes—as opposed to immigration violations. Via Raw Story: A defense attorney in Baltimore has been arrested after he allegedly told a rape victim that the Trump administration would

Operation Eggs and Bacon

Via the Huffington Post: Federal immigration officers who took part in a “raid” at a Michigan restaurant Wednesday first sat and ate breakfast, according to the eatery’s owner.   Six U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents came to the Ann Arbor restaurant Sava’s on Wednesday morning, owner Sava Lelcaj said. Two officers were stationed at