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VIDEO: Cams Capture Incident

VIDEO: Cams Capture Incident

Via the Los Angeles Times: Sacramento police on Thursday released body-camera images from a controversial encounter last month in which an officer grabbed the arm of a pregnant woman who moments later fell to the ground.   The department released a statement saying officials decided to post the dramatic and, at times, profane video, which

Militias and Protests

Via Politico: The bloody weekend in Charlottesville that began with several hundred chanting white supremacists on a torch-lit march will long be remembered for the searing image of a growling muscle car plowing through a defenseless crowd of counter-protesters.   But there was another moment from the weekend that revealed a potentially more consequential truth

Abuse In Nursing Homes

President Trump recently made good on one of his campaign promises to the wealthy interests that run the increasingly lucrative nursing home industry. He recently did away with a rule designed to protect the rights of some nursing home residents to bring lawsuits if they are abused, neglected, or otherwise mistreated. Via TRENTON, NJ

Academy Shut Down

Via HOUSTON — The training contract under which the Lone Star College System has operated a law enforcement academy has been suspended effective immediately, the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement said Wednesday.   TCOLE said it conducted an investigation into the college’s academy operations after a complaint was filed by a cadet. During its

Ford is Fixing the Problem

We thought you would want to know that Ford is working hard on making all the necessary repairs to the Police Interceptor Utility cars having problems with carbon monoxide coming into the cabin of the car. Here’s an update from Bill Gubing, the chief engineer for the Ford Explorer. “Ford will cover the costs of

The Top 10 Signs You’re Getting Ripped Off

10. You’re a tax-paying American citizen. 9. The guy at the auto dealership is charging you a finder’s fee for a car that’s on the lot. (Love that Seinfeld episode!) 8. No one seems all that impressed with your degree from Trump University. 7. A “mixologist” (as opposed to a bartender) spent 12 minutes making

Be Ready to Save Lives

Innovative, New Tourniquet Available at GideonTactical GideonTactical, the top-tier source for all things tactical, now offers a versatile tourniquet that effectively negates the risk of exsanguination (bleeding to death) from occurring: the SAM Medical XT Extremity Tourniquet. When dealing with a potentially life-threatening hemorrhage, every second counts. Many times, inappropriately applied tourniquets result in lost

Officer Will Be Missed

Via Yahoo! News: An Indiana police officer killed in the line of duty last week saw his son off to school hours before his death, an interaction seen in a touching photo released by his department.   Southport Police Department Lt. Aaron Allan walked his son to the bus stop on his first day of

Cops Use Video to Go for Pay Raise

Shreveport Police Pay Issue | No More Excuses from Shreveport POA on Vimeo. The Shreveport Police Officers Association is continuing to fight for pay raises for Shreveport officers. This time, they took to social media, releasing a video asking for “No Excuses.” The Shreveport police posted this video, requesting better leadership and pay raises for officers. The