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VIDEO: “We Brought Our Brother Home”

VIDEO: “We Brought Our Brother Home”

Via The Buffalo News: They vowed to bring their brother home.   And, after five long days of searching the relentless Niagara River, the body of missing Buffalo Police diver Craig E. Lehner was finally found. Police made an official announcement just after 3 p.m. Tuesday.   A procession began an hour later to bring

Oz Cops Savage

Via The Drive: Typically, police departments turn to a standard bag of tricks to dissuade speeders: Unmarked radar units, speed cameras, even the occasional 1,000-horsepower Corvette Z06 cop car. But one police department in Australia decided to harness an even greater force in its quest to quash out the leadfoots among us: The power of

Police Resolution Fails

Via the St. Louis Post Dispatch: ST. LOUIS • A resolution thanking St. Louis police officers won’t move forward to the full Board of Aldermen after a heated discussion in committee on Tuesday.   Multiple aldermen expressed frustration that the city in recent weeks had been mired in debates over “tit-for-tat” resolutions, which are not

LISTEN: No Sleep? You’d Better Fix That!

Many people say police are in a constant state of sleep deprivation. Is that your story? If so, please listen to this podcast, in which host Will Aitchison interviews Kelley School of Business Professor Cristiano Guarana about his research on the effects of sleep deprivation in the work environment and its implications on public safety employees.

Court Upholds Firing

Via The Washington Post: A homicide detective in a Virginia sheriff’s department is a “policymaker,” a federal judge has ruled, so the detective can be fired for opposing the sheriff’s reelection.   The decision not to rehire Mark F. McCaffrey, a police officer and sheriff’s deputy for 30 years, was made by Loudoun County, Va.,

The Untouchables

One of the more popular internet abbreviations in the Twitter/Facebook age is SMH—“shaking my head.” Between the MLB playoffs, the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and the NFL protest stuff, it’s kind of hard to stay focused on what’s important. Forget “terrorism,” natural disasters and even car wrecks. Powerful opioides like Fentanyl and Oxycontin are killing more

VIDEO: What Really Happened

To fellow officers everywhere: Below is a link to the latest video produced by the New York City Sergeants Benevolent Association. As well all know too well what the public sees on the TV/print media or social media does not always give the whole story. It’s moments like this where law enforcement looks to its

The Opioid Crisis: Their Inside Man

Via The Washington Post: Tom Marino is a four-term Republican member of the House who represents a district in northeastern Pennsylvania that has been hard-hit by the opioid crisis. Yet Marino also has been a friend on Capitol Hill of the giant drug companies that distribute the pain pills that have wreaked so much devastation

Cop Gets $5M

Via The Los Angeles Times: A Los Angeles jury has awarded $4.8 million to a former South Pasadena police officer who alleged he was fired by the city because of a disability.   After a two-week trial, the jury on Thursday found unanimously in favor of Timothy Patrick Green, pictured above, an 18-year veteran who

ACLU: Detective’s Right to Free Speech Was Violated

by Brianna Dunn The American Civil Liberties Union of Rhode Island is suing the Johnston Police Department on behalf of Detective James Brady, an 18-year veteran of the force who is now retired. Brady was working as president of the local International Brotherhood of Police Officers (IBPO) union representing officers with the Johnston Police Dept.