Blauer’s Revolutionary Winter Gloves


Blauer Announces Revolutionary Public Safety Winter Glove – FLICKER™

Blauer continues its tradition of innovation by introducing the first winter duty glove designed to be removed quickly in the event that a public safety professional needs fast access to their gear: the Hi Vis Flicker™ Glove.


As with every product they make, Blauer first heard about the need for the Flicker from those in the field. Traditionally, winter gloves have been a choice between dexterity or warmth – cold, stiff fingers increase clumsiness, but the bulk needed to keep them warm enough prevented the use of equipment. Blauer responded to this problem by creating a glove that keeps the user’s fingers warm right up until the instant they need to use their gear, solving the issue completely.

By carefully designing the pattern of the glove, Blauer’s Flicker Glove can quickly be “flicked” off using a downward throwing motion if needed, yet still remains comfortably on the user’s hand during normal outdoor activities. With a warm, insulated design featuring a touchscreen-compatible fingertip on both index fingers, and an ANSI-compliant hi vis design including reflective striping, the Flicker Glove will stand up to the real-world needs of police officers, firefighters, and EMS pros day in and day out.

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